Handspun socks

Word Lily knitsI thought about posting my spinning from Tour de Fleece, but since there are just a couple days left and I haven’t posted any of it yet, it felt a bit odd. That’ll wait until next week.

Instead, today, for your fiber arts enjoyment, I present a pair of socks.


These socks I knit from my own handspun yarn, a true 3-ply, spun from Spunky Eclectic club fiber, Wensleydale, Kentucky Derby colorway. I spun the yarn in … 2010, I believe.


The Socks on a Plane pattern is simple and sweet, and it was a good fit for this yarn.


More notes: I modified it thus: CO 20, increased to 60 around. (This yarn is a tad thicker than normal fingering.) If I was making them again I’d probably move the cable panel a stitch or two (maybe just 1, in this yarn), farther in from the side of the sock.

I had 11 grams of yarn left over when I finished (so, not much). More details on my Ravelry project page.


I like how the cable panel runs all the way to the top of the sock, through but not disrupting the ribbing.

My only complaint isn’t really about the yarn or the pattern: I’ve got to figure out the best way to accommodate my high arches in toe-up socks. :-/

So, what have you been making lately? See what others are up to in the fiber arts world at Fiber Arts Friday.

18 responses to “Handspun socks

  1. Beautiful socks, made in a beautiful handspun 🙂

  2. I love socks and those are gorgeous! Do you knit some elastic in them so they’ll stay up?

    • I don’t knit elastic into them, no; they’re pretty well fitted, though, and some stitch patterns are more stretchy than others (like the ribbing), which helps, too. I don’t have too much trouble with them falling down, actually.

  3. I’m impressed that you spin so well that you can make socks! My spinning is not even enough 🙂

  4. The socks are lovely 🙂 What are they resting on; it looks like a very pretty project as well.

  5. Drools! I love these socks and more so knowing that you used handspun.

  6. Wow they’re beautiful, the pattern really suits the yarn

  7. Some day I hope to know how to do some of this! They are so great looking!

  8. Gorgeous work! I love the soft tones of the yarn, and I like that the colors don’t distract from the nice cable.
    Plus, toe-up socks : win! These are my favorite to work otherwise I stress so much over how much yarn I have left…

    • Thanks! That’s precisely why I knit these toe up, but I ended up having enough yarn I needn’t have worried about it. The arch is too tight on my toe-up socks so far, though; need to figure out how best to accommodate my high arches when working toe-up.

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