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Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (review and giveaway)

Word Lily review

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (Dutton, April 14, 2011), 336 pages

Lincoln, thought by some to be a perpetual student, finally quit school (after several degrees) and moved back home. Now, he’s working at the newspaper, overseeing internet security and fixing printers when they need it. It’s not a great job; Lincoln’s working second shift, in a windowless office all alone. He can’t meet people, because he works when they’re awake. And he really doesn’t like snooping through private emails, but that’s what he’s paid to do.

Much of the book consists of email exchanges between two women, friends. Lincoln can’t bring himself to send them a warning, and he kind of feels like he’s become friends with them — even while feeling like a creep for reading their email.

In some ways, this is a coming of age novel. Although Lincoln’s not a teenager, when the book opens he doesn’t have a clear picture of who he is, and he’s lacking direction and motivation.

The Y2K scare and preparation aspect of the book (it’s set in 1999) is fun. I love the Omaha, Nebraska setting. I also loved being back in a newspaper office, talking about inky fingers, second shift, and copy-editing.

Overall, I found this book charming, and not entirely shallow. The book touches on themes of self-concept, esteem, ethics, fertility, and marriage.

Rating: 4 stars

About the author
Rainbow Rowell (Facebook @rainbowrowell), is a columnist for the Omaha World-Herald. She lives in Omaha with her family. She has a journalism degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Thanks to the publisher, one of you can win a copy of Attachments! (U.S. or Canada only.) To enter, leave a comment on this post. (One entry per person.) I’ll accept entries through Monday, May 2, 2011.

ETA: This giveaway is now closed. See who won.

I received this book from the publisher. I am an Amazon Associate and receive a small commission on sales through my affiliate links.

’10 Things Bloggers Should Not Do’: Bloggiesta mini-challenge

Welcome, fellow Bloggiesta-ers! 10 Things Bloggers Should Not Do is a guest post by Onibalusi Bamidele on Daily Blog Tips, and the content is beneficial for newbie bloggers and the more *ahem* experienced among us as well.

To entice you, a brief excerpt:

10. You Must Not Throw Mud Around
9. You Must Not Have An Unreadable/Unnavigable Site
8. You Must Not Ignore Networking
7. You Must Not Ignore SEO

Now, the challenge.

  1. Read the post, 10 Things Bloggers Should Not Do.
  2. Rate yourself (on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being muy excellente) on each point. How are you doing?
  3. Brainstorm examples of what you can/will do to improve your ratings in those areas that could use improvement. And/or:
  4. If you feel you’re doing particularly great in one area, share examples of how you’ve reached such excellence.

Once you’ve done that, post it on your blog and come back here to leave a link, or at least share the highlights in a comment here.

On to a better blog! Happy Bloggiesta!

Edited to add: One of the many articles about search engine optimization (SEO) for blogs, from ProBlogger.

Bloggiesta to do list

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do this weekend, and I’m thrilled that I finally get to participate in Bloggiesta! If nothing else, this post serves to tell you not to fear if things get a bit wonky in these parts over the weekend; I’ve got my head under the hood and will hopefully get things tuned up and in better shape than they were before!

The List
• patterns page I didn’t do this exactly, but what I did implement is more than a stop-gap.
• catch up on archiving words
• draft and schedule words posts into the future
• alpha by author review archive?
• attempt fiber arts top-level page, sted knitting (is it even possible? Not sure.)
• Start drafting content for daily Lenten posts (So excited about this!)
• redo about page
• revamp review policy Neither of these is perfect yet, but they’re improved.

The biggest (read: most urgent) task is to:
finish stuff up for Rene Gutteridge Week (next week, eek!)

Other stuff accomplished

Email best practices mini-challenge at Hey Lady
Bookshelf organization mini-challenge at Jenn’s Bookshelves
• Wrote a fiber arts / finished object Friday post.
Setting goals mini-challenge from My Friend Amy

I’m also excited to be hosting a mini-challenge for this Bloggiesta!


OK, this is pretty cool. Google Labs’ Books Ngram Viewer allows you to search the text of all the books Google has cataloged, and it automatically charts the results, in comparison to other search terms, over time. You can search … Continue reading

BBAW: Unexpected Treasure

Today’s prompt for Book Blogger Appreciation Week: “Share with us a book or genre you tried due to the influence of another blogger. What made you cave in to try something new and what was the experience like?”

I always feel bad, or at least a little guilty, when I try to answer this prompt (and others like it). I’m not one of those bloggers who has picked up a book from a genre she’s totally opposed to on the sole basis of another blogger’s recommendation. Does that mean I shouldn’t be answering the question? I think I’m still justified.

One book I picked up because of a blogger: Wounded: A Love Story by Claudia Mair Burney. It’s one of my faves of the whole year, and I probably wouldn’t even have heard of this author if it hadn’t been for My Friend Amy — and now I’m seeking out her entire back list.

But. It’s a book I would have totally read. Although I likely wouldn’t have found it apart from this (Alas).


So, I do read books based on bloggers’ recommendations.

On a larger scale, perhaps I’m stubborn. Or cautious. Just slow?

I am definitely ready to explore more young adult literature, and this is largely because of book bloggers. It’s taken me a long time to get this far, though. Hopefully the rest of the journey won’t be nearly as long.

I am an Amazon Associate and receive a small commission on sales through my affiliate links.

BBAW interview swap: Rachel from Under a Star-Studded Sky

This is, I think, my favorite part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week: The book blogger interview swap! This year I’m pleased to interview Rachel Star from Under a Star Studded Sky (@UnderAStarSS). She’s a teenager from England, and she blogs mostly about young adult (YA) books.

Word Lily: Under a Star Studded Sky is actually your second blog. Tell us about your first blog and why you decided to ditch it and start afresh.

Rachel Star: Well, I discovered book blogging in June ’09 and I started my own blog pretty much straight away. I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I didn’t do it very well! I then moved house in October ’09 and I lost my internet, and then I was very distracted by other events that were happening in my life at the time, and I felt that it wasn’t fair to just leave it, so I closed it down. Then, in January ’10, I started Under A Star Studded Sky, with a three month break between March and June, where I focused on my GCSE exams, and I feel as though I know so much more about what I’m doing now, although of course, I’m not claiming to be an expert!

Word Lily: What’s the origin / meaning of your blog name, Under a Star Studded Sky?

Rachel Star: I love the sky. I think it’s beautiful, especially at night, when the stars are out, and I find it fascinating; astrophysics/cosmology is something that I find incredibly interesting. And right now, I’m sitting at the window, Under A Star Studded Sky.

Word Lily: I love that! You just moved and were away from the internet for a couple weeks. What did you miss most?

Rachel Star: OK, this is going to sound awful, and teenagerish, but Facebook and Msn. I wasn’t at college, and I didn’t have a phone signal and I couldn’t chat to people, or arrange to meet up with them, which made me feel very isolated, to be honest. It’s kind of scary how much I depend on it, and it’s made me much more grateful for it!

Word Lily: What do you do when you’re not reading/blogging?

Rachel Star: Books are a pretty big part of my life, but the other stuff that helps keep me busy includes climbing, studying, volunteering and acting, as well as the occasional bit of cooking and looking after my newly acquired bonsai tree (I’ve named it Beryl. It was house-warming gift).

Word Lily: Why did you start blogging? What keeps you blogging?

Rachel Star: Well, I happened to chance across a book blog, and I thought, this person is like me; they read. A lot. And then I found loads, this massive linked up community of people all reading, and it just seemed the sort of thing that I’d love to be part of. And I was right; I love it.

Word Lily: That’s awesome. Tell us about a bookish pet peeve.

Rachel Star: SEQUELS THAT AREN’T CLEARLY MARKED AS SUCH. Gosh, that really, really annoys me.

Word Lily: Oh, ugh. Me too. Turning your hardest question back to you: What’s the first book you can remember reading, or having read to you?

Rachel Star: Agreed, that’s a pretty hard question! I guess the first book I can remember being able to read on my own would be a book called The Giant Jam Sandwich. It might not have been the first, but it’s the one I remember the most. It was awesome, about this town that was plagued by wasps, so created an enormous jam sandwich to trap them.

Word Lily: Describe your perfect/ideal book (genre, length, characters, setting, etc.).

Rachel Star: About 500 pages, completely gripping plot, not too many characters and beautiful writing style, would be the ingredients for my ideal book, I think. But so often I am surprised and pleased by books that I read for review purposes, ones that are perhaps different to what I might normally read, that I don’t really have any definitive “recipe” for an amazing book.

Word Lily: Thanks so much, Rachel, for being my BBAW interview swap partner! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you a little.

To see Rachel’s interview of me, visit her blog: http://underastarstuddedsky.blogspot.com.

BBAW 2010: First Treasure

Yay! Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010 is finally underway, and I’m thrilled! As part of the festivities (in addition to tons of giveaways and awards and just general book blogging frivolity) there are specific blogging prompts for each day this week.

Today’s prompt asks us all “to share with us about a great new book blog you’ve discovered since BBAW last year! [If you are new to BBAW or book blogging, share with us the very first book blog you discovered.] Tell us why this blog rocks your socks off and why you keep going back for more.”

    The Lost Entwife
    Why do I love this Lydia’s blog?

  • She a Nebraska fan, for starters.
  • She’s incredibly prolific in her reading and blogging.
  • She’s emboldening me, I think, to stretch that reading comfort zone in a direction I’ve wanted to for quite awhile now but haven’t quite managed thus far. (fantasy and young adult, mainly)
  • Plus, how could I not love her blog, with the great Lord of the Rings reference to the Entwives, I ask you?!?!

I could list several more here, but the rules request a singular response, not a whole list. So I’ll stop there. What new (to you) book blog(s) are you loving right now?

To learn about the blogs others are raving about today, visit Book Blogger Appreciation Week headquarters.

BBAW registration

I always look forward to Book Blogger Appreciation Week for months beforehand, and this year is no exception. This year’s awards process is a bit different than in years past, but I think the changes are for the best. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to register, in the Best Spiritual, Inspirational or Religious Book Blog niche.

Best Spiritual, Inspirational, or Religious Book Blog — This blog features the best consistently excellent reviews, recommendations, analyses and other content on books that address a life of faith. This blog is not necessarily associated with an organized religion and may discuss either fiction or nonfiction books.

My posts for consideration:

Have YOU registered yet? There’s not much time left!