Review policy

I’m happy to accept review copies from authors and publishers and participate in blog tours, guest posts and author interviews. However, I am selective about the titles I accept. I do not guarantee a review for every review copy I accept, but I do try to review every book I read.

I tend to enjoy literary fiction, historical fiction, middle grade and young adult, mysteries, thrillers, and knitting/crocheting books. I’m relatively new to fantasy and science fiction. I normally don’t read chick lit, romance, memoirs, nonfiction, or erotica. I also tend to dislike books that are particularly vulgar, overly sexual, or have a lot of foul language. I’m not too big on vampires and werewolves, either. I won’t consider e-books or PDFs for review, unless you buy me an e-reader (iPad?) to go with it.

I have a thing for China. I’ve read one of the massive classics of Chinese fiction — The Story of the Stone — and I want to read more. I’m drawn to stories set in Asia and by authors from China.

I’m particularly interested in well-written stories that grapple with faith. This is a preference that is across genre lines and can include any religion, but certainly includes Christian fiction. I’m also drawn to books that feature missionaries or a cloistered lifestyle.

I always include book cover, link to author website (when one exists), link to purchase, synopsis, and my personal thoughts about the book in each review. I do not guarantee a positive review. My reviews are honest; I also strive to be kind and gentle, as well as fair and balanced, in my reviews.

When I receive a review copy, I strive to post my review near its release date. Occasionally I commit to a specific date — in the case of blog tours for instance. I’m interested in interviewing authors, but I don’t like to commit to an interview until after I’ve read at least one of the author’s books.

I do not sell ARCs, though I may give them to someone else to read. I do not receive money from publishers, publicists or authors; my opinion (as expressed here) is my own and is not influenced by the source of a book.

Contact me via email.

2 responses to “Review policy

  1. I like your review policy! I wish more bloggers would do this.

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